28 Sep 2012

RIM Q2 Results: Not a Complete Disaster

RIM Q2 Results

RIM beat Wall Street estimates with their Q2 results, sending their stock soaring by nearly 20%. RIM boosted its revenue & cash position, while cutting losses from the previous quarter. Let's take a look at a few other metrics and take a brief look at the company's future prospects.

26 Sep 2012

[Sponsor] Smartphone Replacement Guide

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Samsung Galaxy S IIIHTC Evo 4G

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Recent surveys have shown that the average smartphone user spends over two hours per day using the device. With usage rates this high, it is important for users to regularly upgrade their smartphones to access the latest features and technology available. So let's take a look at some of the best choices available in the market.

25 Sep 2012

iPhone 5 Impact: Sales Estimates by Region - Americas, Europe, Japan & APAC

Image Credit: Reuters

In my last post, we had estimated 150-170 million global iPhone sales over the next four quarters, based on the impact of the last three iPhone launches on QoQ growth patterns. Now, let's use the same methodology to reach a realistic sales estimate for the iPhone for each of Apple's non-retail operating segments (regions), i.e. the Americas, Europe, Japan and APAC.

24 Sep 2012

[Sponsor] Best Tablets for Entering the Post-PC World

This post is sponsored by eBay. From the new to the hard to find, when it's on your mind, it's on eBay.
Google Nexus 73rd Generation iPad

Tablets are quickly reaching mainstream usage and with recent product launches from key brands, this could be the best time to jump into the fray and get a tablet. So let's take a look at a few of the best tablets available in the market.

21 Sep 2012

Android Fragmentation Update - September

Android Fragmentation Jelly Bean

In one of my earliest posts, I had described the cyclical nature of Android fragmentation, by measuring a few basic statistical properties exhibited by Android's version distribution. Let's take a look at the current state of fragmentation with the latest version distribution data.

18 Sep 2012

iPhone 5 Sales: A Reality Check of Analyst Estimates

iPhone 5 Tim Cook

With the iPhone 5 launch in the rear view mirror, numerous analysts have chimed in with their Q4 and full year iPhone sales estimates. Unfortunately, a lot of these estimates seem quite unrealistic given the market realities I talked about in my last post. Let's take a deeper look at iPhone sales patterns and see if we can come to a more reasonable estimate.

13 Sep 2012

iPhone 5 Meets Market Expectations, Faces Challenges

Apple iPhone 5

Apple just unveiled the long-awaited iPhone 5 to mixed reviews. There were no surprises, positive or negative, seemed to be in line with previously leaked information. The launch seems to have met market expectations, as Apple's stock price moved about by about 1.4%. However, the iPhone 5 faces some a challenging competitive environment in certain key geographies. Let's take a brief look at these challenges.

10 Sep 2012

Impact of iOS & Android on the PC Replacement Cycle

Post-PC Impact

Over the last few years, we have seen mobile device sales explode and PC sales stagnate. While there have been plenty of opinions as to the reason for this shift, there has been very little research to explore the impact of this “Post PC revolution”. Let’s take a look at how smart mobile devices, led by iOS & Android, have affected the PC market.

7 Sep 2012

[Contest] Win a Kingston 64GB USB 3 Drive

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Amazon Launches 7-inch & 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDs: Tablet Price Wars Continue

Jeff Bezos unveils 7 & 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDs

Amazon seems to have turned the tablet market on its head once again with the launch of their new Kindle Fire models. The models include an upgraded version of the original Kindle Fire at $159 and new Kindle Fire HD models with a 7-inch and 8.9-inch screen at $199 and $299 respectively. All Kindle Fire models are said to be ad-supported to enable the low price point. As I predicted, the tablet price wars are now in full swing.

5 Sep 2012

Nokia's Lumia 920 Launch: The PureView Fiasco

Nokia Lumia 920 Pureview

Nokia just unveiled the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820, their long-rumored devices based on Windows Phone 8. The Lumia 920 is the high-end model and comes with Nokia's heralded PureView imaging technology. However, Nokia may have shot itself in the foot again, by limiting the camera to 8 megapixels, as compared to the 41 megapixel camera on the original Symbian-based Nokia 808 PureView.

4 Sep 2012

Galaxy Note 10.1: Explaining Samsung's Tablet Struggles

Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung recently unveiled the long-awaited Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. While the product itself is quite unique in terms of functionality and features, it truly highlights the reason for Samsung's struggles in gaining a foothold in the tablet market.