27 Feb 2015

Google, Mobile and the Next Billion

Google - Revenue vs. Growth

The change in Google's narrative over the past few months has been very interesting to watch. The recent "Peak Google" proclamations remind me of Facebook's post-IPO narrative in 2012. Conventional wisdom back then was that Facebook's decline was imminent as mobile was not a meaningful part of their revenue. Of course, Facebook's app install ads and other mobile initiatives disproved that narrative in short order.

12 Feb 2015

There is No Smartwatch Market

Smartwatch Shipments

A few months ago, I wrote a post comparing the early sales of smartwatches to those of tablets and modern smartphones (early iPhone and Android models). As I expected, the numbers didn't bode well for smartwatches. Now that we have another year's worth of data to play with (from Canalys this time), we have an opportunity to test the validity of my previous analysis.

2 Feb 2015

The Next Phase of Search

Last week, Google announced that it would integrate third party apps into Google Now. While this may seem like just another update to Google's contextual search offering, it has the potential to deeply influence interaction models and app discovery in the mobile age. But in order to understand its potential, we first need to understand how search evolved on the web.

22 Jan 2015

The Potential and Pitfalls of HoloLens

Minecraft on HoloLens

Microsoft made some long expected announcements today -- the return of the start menu, one version of Windows 10 across all devices and an attempt to make Windows apps work across those same devices. Unfortunately, the limited overlap between Windows PC developers and mobile developers makes the latter a weak proposition. On the other hand, Microsoft's HoloLens headset may have some potential.

Analyse Asia Podcast: New Questions in Mobile, The Asia Edition

In this episode, we discuss the following topics:

13 Jan 2015

TV, Economic Structure and Napster

Sling TV

One of the biggest announcements of CES was Dish Network's OTT TV service, coined Sling TV. The announcement created palpable excitement about the potential of unbundling the TV industry. In my opinion, Sling TV has potential but it isn't quite the disruption to TV that some have been hoping for.

5 Jan 2015

Tech Valuations and The Year Ahead

Valuation of Consumer Tech Services Companies

Valuations are very useful tool to gain insight into a company's future (or at least what investors think that future might look like). As we begin 2015, let's look back at the some of the highest valuations in consumer tech services and attempt to understand their drivers.

10 Dec 2014

Expanding on "New Questions in Mobile"

Benedict Evans recently wrote an insightful piece exploring new questions for the mobile industry. Among the 5 questions he brought up, I believe that the evolution of interaction models and messaging will end up being the most important. I don't have anything to add there as think Benedict's analysis here was excellent. However, I do think that three of his questions could benefit from deeper analysis. I also think that he may have missed a crucial question brought on by the scale of the mobile industry.

3 Dec 2014

Messaging Apps: Disrupting Advertising

Messaging Apps vs. Advertising Mediums - CTR

This week, I came across some interesting data on Kik that highlights the disruptive potential of messaging apps with respect to the advertising industry. At present, messaging apps are in early stages of becoming direct marketing channels for advertisers, and the engagement metrics show a clear trend.

26 Nov 2014

Xiaomi: Pricing vs. Engagement

Xiaomi - Cumulative Downloads vs. Sales

Last year, I wrote a post verifying Xiaomi's claim that their users are twice as active as those of other manufacturers, which also validated their long-term pursuit of a services-oriented business model. But as they moved to lower price points, we assumed that their engagement levels would gradually decline. However, based on some recent metrics revealed by the company, that may not be the case.