10 Jan 2017

Analyse Asia Podcast: 5 Predictions for 2017

Top 5 Events in Asia

  • SoftBank’s gambit with T-Mobile and Sprint in one [0:57]      
  • Asia messaging apps vs Facebook/Whatsapp part deux [3:00]
  • WeChat’s “mini apps” vs Facebook Chatbots
  • Amazon’s first foray into Southeast Asia – Battleground between West and East [10:09]
  • Different strategies: Alibaba’s acquisition spree vs Amazon going direct in new markets.
  • Uber vs Grab and Ola in consolidation phase [12:53]
  • Short-form and live video in Asia (Live casting in China) vs US/Europe [14:30]
Source: Analyse Asia
Disclaimer: Opinions, thoughts and analysis presented in the podcast are solely the personal perspectives and viewpoints of both speakers and do not represent any of the organizations who they both work for professionally or invest in.

2 Jan 2017

Analyse Asia Podcast: Top 5 Events of 2016

Top 5 Events in Asia

15 Dec 2016

Short-Form Video: A True Disruption to TV

For years, premium video streaming services like Netflix have been viewed as potential disruptors to the traditional pay-TV experience. However, their staggering investments in original content and declining reliance on licensed content paint a different picture.

10 Oct 2016

The Google Assistant and Tick-Tock Paradigm Shifts

The underlying theme of Google's recent hardware event had little to do with hardware and everything to do with their vision for an artificial intelligence-centric computing world. Sundar Pichai's rationale for this vision was based on previous revolutions in computing -- the PC, Web and then smartphones. However, realizing this vision will be challenging because of the tick-tock pattern that characterized these paradigm shifts.

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26 Sep 2016

Analyse Asia Podcast: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies

Continuing our last discussion, we analysed changing alliances in the transportation and gaming industries. In particular, we focused on two interesting cases that transition from co-operation to rivalry: 1) Google vs. Uber in ride-sharing and autonomous vehicles, and 2) Niantic vs. Nintendo in the mobile gaming space. Will these companies continue to co-operate, or will their rivalries drive them apart?

19 Sep 2016

Analyse Asia Podcast: iPhone 7 Event

I joined Bernard Leong on the Analyse Asia Podcast for a two part conversation on recent events in technology. In this episode, we discussed Apple's iPhone 7 event and its potential impact. We also examined upgrade cycles and structural changes in the smartphone industry. Finally, we also discussed Apple’s prospects on the home and automobile market.

1 Sep 2016

Autonomous Ridesharing: Can Google Compete with Uber?

The advent of autonomous vehicles has the potential to reshape existing network effects, introduce new competitors and turn the ride-sharing industry on its head. However, very few competitors have the assets in place to constitute a threat to Uber. The primary challenger – Google – has some obvious assets in place, but the most important one is always overlooked.