30 Jun 2012

[News Update] HP Abandons Windows RT Tablets, Microsoft Surface to Blame

HP Windows RT Tablet

Hewlett-Packard has reportedly abandoned plans to release ARM tablets based on Windows RT, in response to the announcement of the Microsoft Surface. The report also states that multiple OEM partners are scrapping Windows RT tablet plans and focusing their efforts on the Android platform. This was inevitable, as the Microsoft Surface was a direct attack against OEM partners.

OEMs are reportedly furious over Microsoft announcing the Surface after gaining access to their confidential tablet designs. OEMs believe that even if Microsoft launches the Surface at the same price as their ARM tablets, it can cut prices more easily in case of lackluster sales (an eventuality, given the pricing and lack of content).

This is the first real step OEMs have taken against Microsoft, as the public response so far was little more than rhetoric.

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