13 Apr 2015

Analyse Asia Podcast: The Apple Watch Conundrum in Asia

In this episode, we discuss the following topics:

  1. Apple Watch in Asia
    • Who's buying it? Why is there no smartwatch market?
    • Understanding the luxury business from the perspective of Apple and LVMH. 
    • The problem with Apple competing with Tag Heuer in a luxury watch market.
    • Misconceptions of western analysts on the Apple Watch in China.
    • How can developers invent new kind of apps on the Apple Watch platform if they are subject to the same constraints?
    • What kind of new interaction models could we conceive for smartwatches?
  2. Mobile in Asia
    • Firefox OS – Should they build a desktop version to compete with Chrome OS?
    • Web app vs Native app world – the indexing proposition for Google.
    • Google’s lacklustre Android growth – why are OEMs ganging up against them by working with Microsoft? Why has Micromax adopted Cyanogen?
    • The next billion problem in Tech (including Google and Facebook): Why apps like Duolingo are better suited to monetize the next billion. Also read Google and Facebook’s vision for mobile.
  3. Facebook and Social
    • Facebook cloning WeChat
    • What is Facebook’s strategy for Whatsapp?
    • Content is being commoditized on Facebook and the future of news and media.
    • Meerkat vs Periscope (with Twitter's backing) and why Facebook has not made a move on Meerkat.
Source: Analyse Asia