23 Sept 2014

Analyse Asia Podcast: Analyzing Apple's Announcements & CyanogenMod

In this episode, we discuss the impact of Apple’s announcement of the new iPhones, Apple Pay, Apple Watch and Google’s new “Android One” on Asia. We also discuss whether Apple is positioning itself to be a Louis Vuitton of technology or a Louis Vuitton “with technology” and if Asian technology OEMs can buy CyanogenMod to combat Apple and Google.

  1. Uber, Self Driving Cars and Google from Tech-Thoughts
  2. 10 Questions for Apple’s Watch by Tech-Thoughts
  3. Apple Watch: Asking Why & Saying No by Ben Thompson of Stratechery
  4. iPhone 6 and Android Value by Benedict Evans.
  5. Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations by Jon Gruber
  6. For the next 5 Billion: Android One by Google
  7. Cyanogen: Compatible Software vs Ecosystem by Tech-Thoughts
Source: Analyse Asia