20 Jan 2013

The New Tech-Thoughts

You may have seen a few (drastic) changes on this blog today. We've just implemented first phase of our redesign for Tech-Thoughts. Here's a list of major changes we've made.

1. Responsive Design - A responsive design allows us to drop third-party services for serving mobile layouts. Given our focus, this was our biggest priority.

2. Speed & Readability - Simplified blog layout and increased white-space improves readability and also improves the overall speed of the website.

3. Subscription - Overhauled sidebar makes it easier for our readers to subscribe to our content via RSS, Email or Mobile Apps - Primarily Google Currents & Pulse News.

4. Navigation - Navigation options at the end of posts allow readers to easily cycle through recent posts.

I'd love to hear feedback from Tech-Thoughts readers. You can let us know in the comment section, on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) or on email. We'll try and incorporate your suggestions once we start rolling out the second phase. Apart from incorporating reader feedback, the second phase will focus on the color scheme and the logo, which is being designed by Noor Consulting.