19 Sept 2016

Analyse Asia Podcast: iPhone 7 Event

I joined Bernard Leong on the Analyse Asia Podcast for a two part conversation on recent events in technology. In this episode, we discussed Apple's iPhone 7 event and its potential impact. We also examined upgrade cycles and structural changes in the smartphone industry. Finally, we also discussed Apple’s prospects on the home and automobile market.

Show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

Post Apple Event at 7 Sep 2016 [1:34]
  • What are the key announcements that came out of the Apple Event on 7 Sep 2016? [1:49]
  • What insights does the iPhone 7's pricing provide about upgrade cycles and the underlying structural changes in the smartphone market? [4:09]
  • Important announcements relative to the smartphone industry and to Asia? [9:40]
  • Apple Car: Is it going to happen or not? (Source: NY Times) [23:30]

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Disclaimer: Opinions, thoughts and analysis presented in the podcast are solely the personal perspectives and viewpoints of both speakers and do not represent any of the organizations who they both work for professionally or invest in.

Source: Analyse Asia