16 May 2016

Analyse Asia Podcast Part 1: Facebook vs. Asian Messaging Apps

I joined Bernard Leong’s Analyse Asia Podcast in a two-part episode to discuss major themes in the technology space from messaging apps to self driving cars. In part 1, we discussed the recent announcements from Facebook’s F8 conference, including chatbots and video live streaming. From there, we analyzed the implications of Facebook’s announcements and their impact on Asia from video advertising to messaging apps. Finally, we explored business models driving artificial intelligence companies.

Show notes with time-stamps:

Facebook F8 Announcements and their impact on Asia [1:31]
  • What are the major themes from Facebook’s F8 announcements? [Reference: The Verge] [1:41]
  • Do these announcements impact the company in the near term, middle term or far in the future? [3:07]
  • What are chatbots and how do they work? [3:29]
  • Conversational UI vs Asian Messaging Apps: WeChat, LINE and Kakao Talk. [4:25]
  • WeChat Official Accounts and how it differs from Facebook’s conversational UI [6:10]
  • Why did Facebook adopt conversational UI instead of adopting Wechat’s platform approach? [7:15]
  • What’s the path to victory for chatbots and apps? [10:30]
  • Why is Facebook relying on a conversational UI when that interaction model has not worked in emerging markets? [12:00]
  • Messaging app as a platform vs conversational B2C communication. [13:50]
  • The weakness of Asian messaging apps with artificial intelligence. [16:22]
  • What is Facebook is doing in video and live streaming? [16:45]
Artificial Intelligence [22:52]
  • Artificial intelligence entering devices and products, for example, iPhone – Siri, Echo – Alexa, Google – Google Now, Baidu. 
  • How do businesses leverage AI as part of their business model? [23:32]
Source: Analyse Asia