24 Jun 2015

Analyse Asia Podcast: An Asian Bubble?

A discussion about Google I/O and Apple WWDC 2015, and how some of the announcements will impact Asia as a whole. And a deep dive into the investment climate in Asia and how it differs from the US. Is the asset inflation problem in Asia worse than it is in the US?

Interesting notes and links (with timestamps included):

1) Post Google I/O 2015 [1:47]
  • Google Now On Tap, PageRank for Apps & the Peak Google narrative. Do technology writers mistake narratives for business models?
  • Does it still make sense to merge Android/Chrome?
  • Brillio, the SDK for Internet of Things and the irrelevance of Android Wear.
  • Jacquard – Software is eating your clothes.
  • “Cloud is the end, Android is the means” – Google’s acquisition of Agawi and how this might trigger Google’s new advertising strategy for Now on Tap on contextual mobile actions
  • Has Android One failed in India?
  • Is Google-X a Xerox PARC? Bernard disagrees and explained that Bell Labs are a better way to describe Google X Labs
2) Post-Apple WWDC 2015 [20:00]

  • Three OSes: Mac OS X, iOS and WatchOS
  • iPad Multitasking: The most important announcement at WWDC and why Apple needs a iPad Pro
  • Apple “Proactive” – The contrast with Google’s machine learning strategy with now on tap and diverging philosophies in privacy and contextual learning of users
  • Early Apple Watch sales estimates – Is there a market for smartwatches?

3) Softbank Robot – Pepper Robot (Softbank Press Release) with investment from Foxconn and Alibaba. [31:04]

  • Is Asia coming of age with robotics and drone technology (DJI)?

4) Is there a bubble in Asia? [34:15]

  • Reference: Benedict Evans from Andreessen Horowitz: “US Tech Funding: What’s going on?“
  • Public investors are coming for unicorns
  • The argument for a bubble in Asia using the e-commerce companies in India (Flipkart) and Indonesia (Lazada), and why it is different from the one speculated about in the US
  • Lessons learnt from the Asian financial crisis in 1997
  • Bernard’s conjecture on Rocket Internet as a possible trigger to a potential Asian tech bubble burst
Source: Analyse Asia