30 Oct 2012

iPad Mini Cannibalization Estimate: Lessons from the iPad 2

iPad Mini - Tim Cook

With the iPad Mini finally on the market, one of Apple's biggest concerns is the cannibalization impact on the sales of larger iPads (4th generation iPad & iPad 2). Most analysts have estimated that cannibalization would fall in the 15-20% range, i.e. 15-20% of iPad Mini sales would be at the expense of larger iPads. Let's take a look at how realistic these estimates are.

26 Oct 2012

Windows 8 Prospects: Key Pre-Launch Metrics

Windows 8 Start Screen

Regular readers already know that I don't have very high hopes for Windows 8 or the PC industry as a whole. On the eve of the Windows 8 launch, let's take a look at some pre-launch metrics to gauge the market's likely response.

23 Oct 2012

iPad Mini Pricing & Segmentation

iPad Mini - Phil Schiller

After months of speculation, Apple finally unveiled their worst kept secret, the 7.9" iPad Mini. Apple will launch their answer to the Nexus 7 at a starting price of $329 for the 16GB WiFi model (our price estimate was pretty close, although 8GB storage assumption was off). Apple also announced a 4th generation iPad with an upgraded A6X processor, to replace the existing 3rd generation model.

18 Oct 2012

Analysis of Nokia's Q3 Results: Lumia Shipments Crash

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Nokia just announced their Q3 results and as expected, the quarter was a complete train wreck. The results showed that Nokia shipped just 2.9 million Lumia smartphones in the quarter. While the revenue & EPS narrowly beat analyst estimates, Nokia reported its sixth consecutive quarterly loss and continued to burn cash. Let's take a look at a few metrics to judge the performance of Nokia's Windows Phone strategy.

17 Oct 2012

Microsoft Prices Surface RT at $499; Impact to be Limited

Microsoft Surface RT

Looks like our estimate of the Surface RT's price was right on the money. Microsoft just revealed that the Surface RT would retail starting at $499 without the keyboard cover. The keyboard attachment, which Microsoft has been marketing heavily, costs an additional $119-$129. Let's take a brief look at the market challenges facing the Surface RT.

16 Oct 2012

Potential Impact of the Rumored 10-inch and $99 Nexus Tablets

10-inch Nexus Tablet

Digitimes and CNET have reported that Google is working to expand its lineup of Nexus tablets. The rumors state that Google plans to launch a high-end 10-inch model and a low-end model priced at $99, in the first half of 2013. Google is said to be partnering with Samsung for the 10-inch tablet, while the OEM partner for the $99 device is still unknown as Asus denied any involvement. While further details are scarce, let's take a deeper look at these rumors.

12 Oct 2012

Microsoft's Shift to "Devices and Services": Conflict of Interest?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Over the past year, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has hinted at a shift in Microsoft's business strategy, from a software focus to a "devices and services" model. With his letter to Microsoft shareholders, we have the first official confirmation that that is indeed the case. Unfortunately, this strategy also creates a conflict of interest that may cause significant problems.

9 Oct 2012

Microsoft Surface RT & Pro: BOM & Price Estimate

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has been very tight-lipped about the price of its Microsoft Surface range of tablets. With a launch set for later this month, speculation has intensified, with some sources stating a price less than $399 for the RT version. As we did for the rumored iPad Mini, let's get to a more educated estimate of the BOM cost and pricing for the Surface RT & Pro.

4 Oct 2012

Microsoft Working on Surface Smartphone: Nokia Relationship Souring?

Stephen Elop & Steve Ballmer - Lumia 920

Reports from numerous sources, including Reuters, BGR & China Times, have stated that Microsoft is developing their own "Surface" branded Windows Phone 8 smartphone, aiming for a H1 2013 launch. This move would have major implications for Nokia, which is Microsoft's closest partner in the smartphone space.

2 Oct 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 Pricing - Cause of Carrier Uncertainty

Nokia Lumia 920 - Stephen Elop

After the controversy surrounding the PureView camera on the Lumia 920, Nokia is back with another blunder. Nokia recently revealed the Lumia 920's pricing in Europe, based on which Nokia may have another dud on its hands. The pricing decision may also have played a part in the uncertainty surrounding carrier partnerships for the Lumia 920 launch, which sent the stock price crashing recently.