10 Jan 2017

Analyse Asia Podcast: 5 Predictions for 2017

Top 5 Events in Asia

  • SoftBank’s gambit with T-Mobile and Sprint in one [0:57]      
  • Asia messaging apps vs Facebook/Whatsapp part deux [3:00]
  • WeChat’s “mini apps” vs Facebook Chatbots
  • Amazon’s first foray into Southeast Asia – Battleground between West and East [10:09]
  • Different strategies: Alibaba’s acquisition spree vs Amazon going direct in new markets.
  • Uber vs Grab and Ola in consolidation phase [12:53]
  • Short-form and live video in Asia (Live casting in China) vs US/Europe [14:30]
Source: Analyse Asia
Disclaimer: Opinions, thoughts and analysis presented in the podcast are solely the personal perspectives and viewpoints of both speakers and do not represent any of the organizations who they both work for professionally or invest in.