2 Sept 2014

Analyse Asia Podcast: Mobile Ecosystems in Asia with Micromax, Xiaomi and Samsung

I was a guest on the first episode of Bernard Leong's Analyse Asia podcast. Our discussion focused on the following topics:

  1. Mobile operating systems in Asia with Apple iOS and Google Android leading the way, and the implications for platforms with small market shares: Blackberry, Windows Phone and Firefox OS
  2. A deep dive into two dominant Asian players: Xiaomi & Micromax
  3. What are core competencies and competitive advantages do they rely on to erode Samsung’s market share in the low-end and mid-range segments in Asia?
  4. Samsung’s defense against these players and what does that mean for other OEM players?

We also touched upon Uber's potential and the impact self-driving cars could have.


  1. Price Buckets vs. Market Segments, Tech-Thoughts
  2. Xiaomi: Leadership and Demand-Supply Mismatch, Tech-Thoughts
  3. Benchmarking Xiaomi’s Services Revenue, Tech-Thoughts
  4. Watch out, Samsung: Xiaomi, Micromax, and more budget smartphones will eat 25% of your market share next year, Tech in Asia
  5. Apple should be a Louis Vuitton and not Zara (in Asia), Bernard Leong
  6. Smartphone distribution model in India, NY Times
  7. Mozilla’s $33 smartphone for India could ruin Samsung’s android business, The Economic Times, India
  8. The evolution of handset business models: From source of profits to distribution channel by Sameer Singh & Michael Vakulenko from Vision Mobile

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Disclaimer: Whatever opinions, thoughts and analysis presented in the podcast are solely the personal perspectives and viewpoints of both speakers and do not represent any of the organisations who they both work for professionally or invest in.

Source: Analyse Asia