25 Aug 2012

Nexus 7 Set for Europe Launch; Could Boost Q4 Sales

Nexus 7 Europe

According to a report from Techcrunch, the Nexus 7 is set to launch in European countries on September 3rd. If Asus manages the supply side effectively, this could lead to a boost in sales in Q4 2012, with the holiday season coming up.

The Nexus 7 has already seen brisk sales and sell outs over the last month, in the US & UK. Reports say that the device has been continually selling out in Australia as well. Asus Australia had the following comment:
No official figures for [Australia], but we’ve sold out of every shipment that has come in and have done so in around 1 or 2 weeks each.
Gartner has concurred with my estimate of current Nexus 7 sales and believe that 1-1.5 million Nexus 7 units have been sold in the 5 weeks since its launch. Although their estimate for 2012 sales is lower than mine, I believe the European launch could push sales into the higher end of the 6-8 million range that I predicted. In order to increase sales beyond this, I think Google would need to expand distribution into large emerging markets, particularly China, to stoke demand.