11 Jul 2012

[Resource] Unotelly - Content without Boundaries

Unotelly Content without Boundaries

I recently came across a service called Unotelly, which offers customers access to online video content libraries without any geographic limitations. Since Unotelly has been gracious enough to offer a discount coupon giveaway for readers of tech-thoughts.net, I thought it would be good to highlight it and take a look at the impact this kind of service could have on the pace of adoption of mobile devices & tablets, especially in emerging markets.

Content consumption suffers from the following gaps globally (especially in emerging markets):

Geographic Limitations

We've heard a lot of analysts pegging the success & failure of mobile platforms, specifically tablets, on the availability of a vast content library. Unfortunately, most analysts gloss over the fact that access to certain categories of content are restricted primarily to US consumers and in some cases consumers in Western Europe. Emerging markets, which will see the fastest growth rate of mobile device adoption, have no access to content from video libraries such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video. Even video libraries from iTunes and Google Play are either not available or have limited availability in most regions.

Device Specific Limitations

Today, we are in the midst of a world moving towards mobile devices, but most consumers own multiples personal entertainment devices, smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs & gaming consoles (across platforms). Today, this is more prevalent in developed markets, but growth emerging markets are catching up fast. Unfortunately, even when certain types of content are available via iTunes or Google Play, this is still restricted to a particular device/platform and does not extend to all devices owned by a user.

Conclusion - The primary goal of monthly subscription services like Unotelly is to fill these content consumption gaps and move towards content convergence, without boundaries. The availability of such content libraries should speed up adoption of tablets in emerging markets even faster. 

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