21 Apr 2012

The Argument against Android Forking

Amazon Kindle Fire

In recent days, there have been many reports stating that numerous Android handset manufacturers are working on launching smartphones with their own forked versions of Android. Recent comments by Skyhook CEO, Ted Morgan, and the success of Amazon's Kindle Fire seem to have fanned these flames even more. But ignoring Skyhook's stormy relationship with Google, is this really a sound business strategy for OEMs? Let's take a look.

19 Apr 2012

Nokia's Q1 Results & Emerging Market Troubles

Nokia Asha Series

With Nokia announcing its Q1 results, it's starting to look like my previous article analyzing the prospects of Windows Phone correctly predicted their fall from grace in emerging markets...

18 Apr 2012

The Google-Motorola Deal: Why Android will never be proprietary

Motorola Droid Razr - Android

Ever since Google announced it was buying Motorola, industry watchers have speculated if Google was going to make Android a proprietary/closed source platform exclusively for Motorola's devices. That will never happen and here's why.

10 Apr 2012

The Marketing Disaster that is Windows 8

From the marketing savants that brought you "Googlighting" and "Gmail Man", I give you......

The New Windows logo

Windows 8 Logo

The Facebook-Instagram Rationale

Facebook acquires Instagram

Facebook has just announced that it has acquired Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and Facebook stock. This was fairly shocking news to the industry as Instagram had just raised $50 million at a valuation of $500 million, which means the venture capital investors instantly doubled their money. The investment seems to have been aimed at driving up Facebook's valuation of Instagram. But is that valuation justified?

3 Apr 2012

A Critical Analysis of "Android Economics"

Guardian's Android Revenue
Image Credit: Asymco

I've made a slight adjustment to my weekly schedule to squeeze in this small piece about Android Economics. There is an analysis being floated around the web, based on figures from Oracle's lawsuit on Google claiming Java patent infringement by Android. The Guardian has estimated Google's Android revenues based on these figures, following which Horace Dediu over at Asymco has posted an analysis of Android Economics. Let me start off by saying that both the analysis of both the Guardian and Horace Dediu are just plain wrong on many levels.