28 Mar 2012

An Analysis of Android Fragmentation

Android Fragmentation

Lately, there have been a spurt of reports and surveys detailing the concern the developer community has about Android fragmentation. But is fragmentation as big of a problem as it's made out to be? Let's take a look.

21 Mar 2012

Google's Advertising Speed Bump

Google Homepage

Google's stock price recently took a hit, because the company was not able to meet the steep revenue growth targets that analysts had predicted. Macro-economic factors aside, is this cause for genuine concern or all part of the long term plan?

14 Mar 2012

Can Windows Phone be a viable platform?

Nokia Lumia 900

The Windows Phone platform has been out for over a year and yet, we have seen it make minimal impact on the smartphone market. Its market share has been languishing at around 2% of the global market and at less than 5% in the US market, with sales showing no signs of taking off anytime soon. Can Windows Phone evolve to become a viable third platform?

8 Mar 2012

The New iPad & the Tablet Market

The New iPad

With the launch of the new iPad in the rear view mirror, it's time for the annual iPad sales hysteria. Since its introduction in 2010, the iPad has dominated & defined the tablet market. iPad & tablet sales have been zooming over the past year, with annual growth in excess of 250%. However, in Q4 2011, the iPad's market share dropped to 57% as compared to 39% for Android tablets. Even with this drop, absolute sales numbers for the iPad have seen phenomenal growth, which emphasizes the staggering growth of the tablet market.

1 Mar 2012

The Death of the PC

Death of the PC

Is the PC really dead? Many pundits have claimed to answer this question and they can be segregated into two camps - (1) those who believe that tablets are replacing PCs as "Post-PC" devices, and (2) those who believe tablets are merely "PC-Plus" devices. IBM, having sold their PC business to Lenovo in 2005, falls squarely in the Post-PC camp, while Microsoft is a proponent of the PC-Plus line of thought. I would say the "Post PC" camp is closer to the truth.